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Thank you so much Dick for your amazing website. Hello, I live in Poland. My father told me about this radio from , It was one radio where people could listen music from England or USA. I would like to listen to this radio but I can't do it with link on this website. You now what it means to miss Radio Luxembourg??? Where can I find the , was broadcast? I grew up listening to in the 70's and 80's,So many memory's, Well done for a great site and hopefully the great will live on forever in our hearts.

Great site, brought back good memories for me growing up in the 50's and 60's. Thank you. Those were the days Hi Barry is Tony Hall still alive please? I worked for him in and am putting together a collection of pix of the more interesting people Ive met or worked for. Thanks a lot. Great Days! I have still on my old tapes some programm of recorded, i was young and happy. Bob Stewart Anyone know whats happened to www. It was great to listen to the offspring of the great on-line but it seems to be permanently down for maintenance.

Thank you so much for this website. It was always a childhood dream of mine to be a DJ on , I never made it, but it's was such an inspiration to me. I do a bit of DJ'ing on a local Radio Station and is always in my thoughts. I've listened to your radio first on the year while I was living in germany. Thanks for making it available. Hello Dick, I have written my contribution to your guestbook, but I would like to tell you some more, what is meant especially to you. Two weeks ago I discovered another fansite in the net. The adress is Radio Luxembourg. On this website there are hundreds of recordings of Luxembourg night programmes from the sixties until , including some Dutch recordings, all between 30 and 90 min.

This archive is blowing me away, do you know about it? If there should exist any real time machine, here it is! After free registration you can download all for free in mp3 format. Is it possible to install a link to this website on your site? I am not sure, may be it is not allowed. Many greetings from Germany to the Netherlands. This is a great website about a great radio station. I discovered the English night programme of Radio Luxembourg in with my small transistor pocket radio.

Since this time the Great was my favorite station through the night, it has accompanied me through my life until the end of am broadcasting in Your site is full of memories for me. I remember about my pocket radio under my pillow in the sixties, listeneing to top 20 at midnight, then the long car rides to the north of my country during my time in the army. It was a part of my life, like a good old friend.

Sometimes I am dreaming about a time machine, your site is bringing back all memories of these wonderful years to me. Thank you so much! Great memories ,i am working doing gold shows on Radio Cumbria. Visiting this Page is like an amazing time travel to me. When I was a young boy of 11 now I'm 60 years old I got a small room under the roof of our house for my own - and grandma's old tube radio. One evening I found Radio Luxemburg on medium wave. From than on I listend every evening til midnight and was always tired in school.

But from that time on music was my life. Throughout the 80's serving me well in providing me with good music. I had been listening to RL in the years to I lived in Germany at that time. I still have songs recorded on cassettes now ripped to mp3 files from that time. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive and well.

I remember it with fondness as your website so clearly reflects time and history when I listened to Luxy from the late 60's to its final close down in Thanks for bringing back so many happy memories. You have a wonderful site. I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was a teenager. Odd Arnt. Found this site by accident whilst looking for a luxembourg memoribillia site as wife has signed pics 5 djs on 1 page of Kid Jensen,Bob stewart,PaulBurnett,Tony Prince and David Christian. Thanks for the many hours of great music in the past.

In Stavanger we could only listen to Radio Luxembourg after dark because of atmospheric conditions. Then as a teenager, and I still do.. Yeah, it was Barry who made me very sleepy at school on Monday mornings. Not even the Danish Top 20 could compete with that. Thanks everybody! Fun website. Brings back memories of the fifties and sixties. Always a struggle to get because of the competition from BBC West on broadcasting from nearby Cadnam.

Great site with good memorabilia I heared it all nights in the 80s and till it signed off. I could write lot of stuff about those years.. I am glad you guys are still around but when are you coming back or not to web streaming radio? I see your page is asap but that has been a good while now.

From till he was the presenter of the English Top Twenty; every Sundaynight at eleven 'o' clock. Barry Alldis click here The great "Two - o -eight". Thanks for beautiful 60's and 70's on m. Hi guys, Every time i see the name Radio Luxemburg, I always have a little smile to myself! You have a wonderful site, thank you. It brings so many good memories of the early 70s. I was a kid at the time in my teens and early twenties living behind the Iron Curtain and often listening to Big L on late at nights despite poor receiption.

It felt so damn good at the time and it still does, especially now after having read many of the posts here. We were living in different countries but it turns out we were hanging on the same wavelength. And I guess there was a good reason to that. Stumbled upon your site by chance and have been reading numerous posts for hours. I listened to RL, like so many others at night, under the blankets, while I still lived in Nijmegen Holland. Reception was marginal, but greatly appreciated. I wish I could have a listen to it now. Thanks for putting this site together and for maintaining it.

Thanks a lot for this page! And after the last tune 4 am on the continent she would have to leave to give me a couple hours sleep before going to school. What a wonderful time Great site. Found this by chance. Brings back so many memories of listening to Radio Luxembourg's Top 20 Sunday Night show on an old bakelite radio. Muffled the sound with a cushion so my parents wouldn't know I'd sneaked downstairs. Every song seemed a classic. I used to write the Top 20 down in a notebook, religiously, between and Even Barry Aldis thought that was something special.

Good to see so many others here share the love of the memories. Love your site. In the 70's the only way for Irish kids to hear pop music was Lovely memories of listening to Luxembourg under the bed clothes so my mum wouldn't know I wasn't asleep!! A superb site - brought back many happy listening memories - thank you. I listened to you daily between and You form a part of my youth.

I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was a teenager in the Netherlands. I liked all the broadcasts--Dutch, German, and English. It was a great way to get good pop music. It's been great reading about Radio Luxembourg and the comments of people all over the world who loved the station as well. Good job! Wonderful broadcast. I love Radio Luksemburg. I liste to radio I always liked the germam version of Radio Luxembourg better that the english one. Do you to broadcast in DRM? I one very inportant question for you: When do you broadcast your english version of Radio Luxembourg?

Have just found your site and it is a real treat to read all that has gone on over the years,I first listened to as a kid when the war ended and then on and off untill I came out here in Turn back the clock!!!! Well he got her to do a duet with him on the phone and of coarse it went out over the air waves,he had a good voice and I think he was married to Pearl Carr,either that or they sang together. Thank You! Jimmy will be buried the following day in the North Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough, which he loved and where he also had a flat overlooking the North Sea.

The veteran DJ started his broadcasting career on Radio Luxembourg in In JimmySavile hosted the first episode of Top Of The Pops, and the week after its launch guested on the second edition from a Manchester Church suspended upside down from a rope with Todd Slaughter desperately hanging on the other end. He was found at his flat in Roundhay, Leeds, on Saturday - just two days before his 85th birthday. His death came after a spell in hospital earlier this month with a suspected bout of pneumonia. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall led tributes to the star, who started his working life as a miner in his native Yorkshire before running a series of clubs and working as a wrestler and DJ.

I was one listeners from the early years until the beginning of the 70th. I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. Barry Alldis, You was the best. Top twenty every sunday and I love Del Shannon. What a sound, what a time. Memories from a Swede boy. Fantastic radio luxembourg site, brings back memories beyond belief of total enjoyment of our youth. I wonder if you can help as I'm certain that when Simon Dee was at R Luxembourg he hosted a programme that the tag line was ," I've been trying to find the name of it so I can get a recording but to no avail!

I've been trying for years, so maybe with your brilliant archive you may be able to help! I do hope so! Anyway even if not the site is wonderful, thanks for all your work. I was an avid listener of Luxy from about through to the 80s. If there was ever a time for Luxy to return it's now, as internet radio is established! Photos: Alan Bailey Used to listen to Dan Dare every night as a schoolboy, in Newcastle on Tyne.

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It was a great station, even if it faded a bit. I know Luxy from It was fantastic os the radio from the other planet Remember the spring in the first three were Sunny,ABBA and very sweet song Uncertain radio receiving was especially charming Sometimes was a success tu rekord new hits that were on hooligan wave m It was fine to lesten to"Maybe the morning"at dawn Checrfulvoices of Dgs from Radio Luxembourg will always remain in my memory. A friend of mine recently published a news clipping, it appeared, of her mother, who won the "Miss Radio Luxembourg" contest, being kissed by Rock Hudson.

I imagine she would share it if you are interested. Great sit brings back loads of memeories. Listening on the net to luxemberg, but it appears there web site has been suspended. Great memories from my childhood through my teens and into adulthood, great Radio Luxembourg. It had to be the most listened station in the British isles. I am very sad to find that the has closed again.

There was so fantastic to hear and to se on Radio Luxemburg again via the "net". There is still a market for the radio. You got a load of younger listeners during the time you were back again.


Send my best to the chaps and take care now. See and hear you! Much time has passed, but the emotions experienced with Radio Luxembourg, they are still alive and rooted in our minds. Wonderful site. RTL, the best station I ever listened. Tuning in at night with my old valve radio, especially during my student days. Lots of happy memories. Many thanks. Thank you very much indeed to radio Luxembourg for the so many wonderful hours spent on your tune in the late seventies!

Photos: Ray Georges Great site : massive Luxie listener late 70s till it arriving on satellite! Thank you for initiating such a wonderful tribute site to enable us to keep these golden memories for ever. My earliest memories of Radio Luxemburg go back to around when I was 10 years old. It helped to mould my musical tastes to Rock 'n' Roll from to Thank You Radio Luxemburg very much. Mr Robert.

Wow, those were the days!!! I used to listen to your radio from '71 to about ' After all these years your names bring back so many memories. Thank you for all the great music and your warm voices that kept me company through my teenage years.

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These were happy days. Still in radio streaming 7 days a week KWXY. See nr. Very nice site! Just read the sad news about Dave Christian's passing. I worked with Dave in Luxembourg during the mids. He was a legend to work with and one of the nicest, most generous guys I've ever met. I am distraught today. I just came across this site purely by accident. So nostalgic, I feel like crying with joy! I used to listen to the broadcasts as a young boy when I lived in Dublin on a Philips table top radio. The signal used to fade in and out, but such a joy to listen to at the time as it was the only "pop" station.

Congrats for the site and the whole project! I'm 46 now I hope I can tune it again some day! Radio Luxemburg was the radio of me growing up. I will never forget the station and that I did hear a lot of new music for the first time from Why can one not turn time back?? Thanks for all music you played!!! All the great hits from late sixties I used to listen to while I lived in Czech Rep. Thank you for keeping Radio Luxembourg alive.

Through R-lux I learned English at school where we learned Russian. Program is well heard around midnight to 2 after the break. Thanks to all people who were creating this wonderful program. Hy teachers i was one of your students learning to do self up in , Bob Stewart Oh la la Unforgetable time Hello Dick: Just downloaded t Top Twenty shows.

Thanx a million for making it possible. Beautiful memories of the past. Great feeling. What about the April ? Much better songs as I was never a BEatles and those other shouting Brits. I prefer American artists. Thanx again.

You can open this: www. Kindest regards from Poland. It was the only place to hear the latest tunes. Great memories!!!


My favorite shows were: Top 20 and Presenting Elvis Presley both hosted by my favorite d. Barry Alldis. I wish I had some of those original RTL recordings. Too bad I got rid of all those reel-to-reel tapes. I miss them so badly now. Could anybody help me? My e-mail address is: md wp. Beautiful memories of the long gone past with RTL. Great and spectacular website. Well done. Keep up the great work. All my very best - Miro.

Page is totally sensational - for someone who thrived on Barry Aldis and the gong; night after night. Any more top 20 shows coming up - from 61 for instance? Excellent station. I miss it. It's shadow now entertains me on the internet and I still listen whenever I can. Radio Luxemburg ment a lot to us in the old days I am 67 now My memory may be a little rusty, but as far as I remember, I listened every night, when I was young. OH Oh to discover this website. Memory lane. God bless y 4 the 2 tapes from 65 and Hoping that older tapes will be discovered soon.

I am 54 years old. J listened to Radio Luxembourg every night. Thank you very much for the interesting photos and information. I miss it.. Great dj and beautiful voices Thank you Dick. Your Radio Luxembourg page brought back many memories. Keep up the good work. I used to stay up most of the nights when i was a lad listening to Radio Luxembourge the best station on air in those days hope to be able to listen again as soon as im able to receive it.

All the best with re-launch. Memories of teenage years brought to life again. Fantastic site to turn the clock back a while. Radio Luxemberg Super Radio in 66's and ever. Hallo R. Bay Bay. Thats what I needed. A good entry to rhe story of Radio Luxembourg. As well as the music there was so much other entertainment--Take your Pickpeople are funny--Dan dare Pilot of the future --opportunity knocks--shilling a second--candid mike ect ect and good old Garner Ted Armstrong!!!

For me Radio Luxembourg was really the thing that made me lucky. In those quite boring times especially at sunday Radio Luxemburg was the real Star in the Sky. Falling asleep with that Great Music. I worshipped those broadcasts. Ok, you got addicted but there was no harm caused by it. It was free of costs and the things they tried to sell we're not in reach anyway.

Even the records we're hard to get. Getting in the mood again at once.

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In the autumn of my life but nobody can take that away from me Ik ben ook een radio adept van de 70's Noordzee en Veronica. It maps new pathways into the rich landscape of the Australo-German transnational encounter, which is characterized by dense and interwoven cultural, historical and political terrains. Surveying an astonishingly wide range of sites from literary translations to film festivals, Aboriginal art to education systems, the contributions offer a uniquely expansive dossier on the migrations of people, ideas, technologies, money and culture between the two countries.

The links between Australia and Germany are explored from a variety of new, interdisciplinary perspectives, and situated within key debates in literary and cultural studies, critical theory, politics, linguistics and transnational studies. The book gathers unique contributions that span the areas of mig.

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