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The English barons were a bold and independent lot and rose up in arms against more than one king. We have named this impressive war sword in honor of these strong willed men. The long cutting blade is from fully tempered high carbon steel and the strong parts are also steel joined with a grip of wood, cord and leather. Though light enough to be swung with one arm this sword truly excels when used with both hands. Well-balanced and weighted. Scabbard included.

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Can be sharpened for additional charge. Out of stock. Overview Reviews Contact Us.

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Add to Wish List. Drop a Hint. About This Prop Replica "In an important Salamandrines rite of passage, Faraii slays a giant Abyssal with a sling and gains true acceptance.

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Email Address. While it cannot be said the Earlshall sword under discussion is by the same hand it must be agreed that the similarities in style offer a close connection. The distinctive silver mounts that encrust the basket of Earlshall sword are a key area of interest. The precise date of each of the mounts still remains a matter of debate, some being original to the early 17th century manufacture of the hilt and others added around and the Act of Union.

The two classical medallions to the pommel appear to be contemporary to the manufacture and have comparisons to the Twysden sword and others in the Wallace Collection.

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The addition of mounts in the early 18th century, reflect a high-status family strong and very public in their support of the Jacobite cause - choosing to make a political and nationalistic statement with their family relic. This was likely around the time of the union under Queen Anne or perhaps a little earlier at the time of the initial Jacobite uprisings. The addition of St. Andrew on the cross, thistles and overt naming of James Stuart are obvious and common icons of this period. A motto emblazoned in the centre of the sword - in full view when worn by the side or drawn in action - would have been a bold and to some a controversial statement.

This motto can be seen on other Jacobite relics of c. The spelling of 'Schotland' has long been explained by the manufacture of the blades in Germany before their movement to Scotland to be hilted, a common practice on the 17th and 18th centuries. It is believed that a group of blades, engraved with strong Jacobite sentiment, were commissioned on the Continent for distribution around Scotland to capitalise on the growing anti-Union sentiment.