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Continuation of same business operations would allow use of NOL carryforwards after a harmful change-in-ownership. Contingent liability of shareholders according to the BGH rulings dated 24 January and 10 May - Contingent liability of shareholders for compensation payments to exiting shareholder. Treaty override provisions apply to treaties that entered into force after the treaty override provisions were introduced.

The differing VAT treatment applied by the German tax authorities to mandatory rebates to private and public health insurers may not be in line with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Changes to sec. The subscriber of a share capital increase has a right of rescission in case the capital measure is not executed within a reasonable period.

On June 23, , the majority of British voters decided to leave the EU, however this will not happen immediately. In the next few months and probably years negotiations will take place between the EU and Great Britain on their relationship after the exit. During this negotiation period, companies should keep an eye on the related fiscal and legal issues. An upstream merger does not fulfill all of the criteria of a disposal due to lack of consideration from the perspective of the transferring entity.

Voluntary disclosure protecting corporate bodies against criminal prosecution and enterprises against regulatory fines. The director of a UK Limited can also be liable for payments made after insolvency pursuant to Sec. The existence of a Tax CMS can affect whether a taxpayer can be charged for willful or grossly negligent failure to comply. Transfer of co-ownership shares in goods may be considered a supply of goods potentially qualifying for the VAT exemption for intra-community supplies. An active holding company generally can recover input VAT and partnerships may be a controlled company in a VAT group.

Submission of scanned invoice copies is sufficient for input VAT refund under the special refund procedure for EU residents.

BMF clarifies conditions for input VAT refund from invoices for intra-community supplies or export supplies. Nontaxable persons may not participate in such a group as controlling entity. The MOF has published a draft of new transparency rules for the energy and electricity tax, as well as changes to the energy and electricity tax ordinance. This year we miss the highlight of changes in the area of the wage tax and the social security right. A huge number of smaller changes should be noted. In this article, you will find the most important changes you need to know for the current wage tax billing.

Determination of the parties of a supply of assets for leasing purposes depends on the contractual agreements. Split transport transactions can be treated as direct supplies to the final destination provided that the customer is already identified at the commencement of the shipment. Intragroup restructuring may constitute an important reason for terminating tax consolidation before the end of the minimum five-year period.

The place of supply for VAT purposes might be in Germany in the case of imports of small consignments, even if the supplier acts on behalf of the final customer. The court has ruled that the German invoicing regulations in case of triangular supplies exceed the requirements in the EU VAT directive. The CJEU has ruled that the VAT exemption for the supply of fuel to seagoing vessels may be applied to intermediaries for supplies made before the last stage of the supply chain.

BMF clarifies that refund of incorrectly charged VAT by the tax authorities requires the repayment of the amount to the recipient. A new circular clarifies and confirms the MOF position on the treatment of atypical silent partnerships under the tax consolidation rules. As from January 1, , the Intrastat reporting threshold for arrivals will be increased from EUR , to EUR ,; the threshold for dispatches will remain unchanged. The guidance limited application to situations where full payment is received significantly later than the date of the supply to security held within the construction industry.

Input VAT incurred by a holding company on the acquisition of shareholdings in subsidiaries should be fully recoverable provided the holding actively manages the subsidiaries and makes no exempt supplies. Kirchensteuer OR katholische Suche Kirche. Please enter a key word or multiple key words. German Tax and Legal News. Potential Brexit consequences you need to be aware of The Brexit will affect cross-border restructurings relating to the UK — we show you the changes you can expect.

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Last 4 weeks. Last 8 weeks. Helpful Links. Newsletter abonnieren News als App www. See Terms of Use for more information. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. Nils Politt Ger, Katusha 21 Thibaut Pinot Fra, Groupama 18 Lorrenzo Manzin Fra, Vital Concept 18 Wout Poels Ned, Team Ineos 16 Edward Theuns Bel, Trek 16 Adam Yates GBr, Mitchelton 14 Nairo Quintana Col, Movistar Team 12 Petr Vakoc Cze, Deceuninck 12 Zdenek Stybar Cze, Deceuninck 12 Alvaro Hodeg Col, Deceuninck 12 Julien Vermote Bel, Dimension Data 10 Tom Dumoulin Ned, Team Sunweb 10 Jens Debusschere Bel, Katusha 10 Steven Kruijswijk Ned, Team Jumbo 8 Luka Mezgec Slo, Mitchelton 8 Emanuel Buchmann Ger, Bora 6 Bjorg Lambrecht Bel, Lotto Soudal 6 Fabien Doubey Fra, Wanty 6 Michal Kwiatkowski Pol, Team Ineos 6 Quentin Pacher Fra, Vital Concept 6 Jack Haig Aus, Mitchelton 4 Niklas Eg Den, Trek 4 Yoann Bagot Fra, Vital Concept 4 Julian Alaphilippe Fra, Deceuninck 32 2.

Casper Pedersen Den, Team Sunweb 18 3. Fabien Doubey Fra, Wanty 10 7. Guillaume Martin Fra, Wanty 5 9. Bjorg Lambrecht Bel, Lotto Soudal 5 Dylan Teuns Bel, Bahrain 3 Tom Dumoulin Ned, Team Sunweb 3 Emanuel Buchmann Ger, Bora 2 Ruben Fernandez Esp, Movistar Team 2 Michal Kwiatkowski Pol, Team Ineos 2 David Gaudu Fra, Groupama 2 Yoann Bagot Fra, Vital Concept 1 Dylan van Baarle Ned, Team Ineos 1 Luka Mezgec Slo, Mitchelton 1 Bjorg Lambrecht Bel, Lotto Soudal 2.

We are slowly reaching our goal. She sneaked into her room quietly. Als sie sich umdrehte, sah sie ihn. As she turned around, she saw him. Geh bitte nach der Arbeit beim Go to the bakery after work and Backer vorbei und bring Kuchen get some cake. She left early this morning. Wann kehrt ihr von der Reise zu- When are you coming back from riick? Die Hose ist vie1 zu eng. Ich kann The trousers are much too tight. I mich kaum bewegen. Bringst du mich morgen zum Can you take me to the airport Flughafen?

Was bringt das Fernsehen heute? Yesterday the coat was still hanging there. Vorsicht, der Ball rollt auf die Watch out, the ball is rolling into StraOe. Die StraOe ist zu eng. The street is too narrow. She threw stones into the water. She drives the cows into the barn.

Das Boot trieb ohne Besatzung The boat drifted on the sea auf dem Meer. Do you need the car tomorrow? I thank vou for your assistance. We received the monev. Please give me my bag. Hast du Angst? Are vou afraid? Ich nehme das Menu Nr. Nehmen Sie doch noch etwas Have some more meat!

The money was distributed fairly. The money was divided. The sick person needs quiet. Das Brot reicht nicht. There is not enough bread. She handed him the flowers.

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Ich muss heute fruher I have to leave early today. Can I exchanoe the Droduct? Du kannst mein Fahrrad haben, You can have my bicycle, but you aberdu musstesmirmorgenzu- have to give it back to me to- ruckgeben. The law was changed. Meine Adresse hat sich geandert. My address has changed. She held the door open for the customer. Wann horst du mit der Arbeit auf? When do you finish work? Bist du bereit mitzumachen?

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)

Are you ready and willing to join in? Das Bein ist gebrochen. The leg is broken. Warum sind die ganzen Kleider Why are all these clothes in such a durcheinander? Die Versicherung wird den Scha- The insurance will Flay compen- den ersetzen. Sie hat gestern drei Fische ge- Yesterday she caugkit three fish. Er fing den Ball mit einer Hand. He caught the ball w ith one hand. Der Tank fasst uber 80 Liter.

The tank holds over 80 liters. Please hold on to your dog! Sie hielt an ihrem Plan fest. She held firm to her plan. Bitte halten Sie sich wahrend der Please hold on well during the Fahrt gut fest. Seit dem Tode seiner Frau fuhrt er Since the death of his wife he has die Firma allein. Er alleine ist fur die Fuhrung des He alone is responsible for run- Geschafts verantwortlich. Er fullte die Glaser mit Saft.

He filled the glasses with juice. Vor dem Gebrauch muss die Fla- The bottle has to be shaken be- sche geschuttelt werden.

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Ich mochte meine Jacke ment? I would like to take off my ausziehen. He lifted the child onto his arm. The door lock is broken. Die Briefmarke klebt nicht richtiQ. Hier gibt es oft Slow down! They often check the Geschwindigkeitskontrollen. Ouch, the cat scratched me. Ich habe mich an einem alten Na- I scratched myself on an old nail. Ich mag das nicht. Stop that! Er wurde nicht in Ruhe gelassen. He was not left alone. Ich habe die Maschine reparieren I had the machine repaired.

Die Sachen lassen sich ver- The materials can be burned. Ich habe mir eine Bohrmaschine I borrowed a electric aus geliehen. Jensch is the dir lung. Die Autos wurden uber eine Hilfs- The cars were direc brucke geleitet. Please open the can BE: tin. Wann offnet die Post? When does the post office open? Die Tur offnet sich automatisch. The door opens automatically. Who is taking care of your sick father? Den Garten pflegt meine Frau. My wife takes care of the garden. Have you checked the invoice?

Der Hund reibt sich sein Fell am The dog is rubbing his fur on the Baum. Er sammelt Briefmarken. He collects stamps. She slammed the door and left. Er schlug mit der Faust gegen die He slammed his fist against the Tur. Die Kinder schlagen sich. The children hit each other.

Frequency lists by Neri: The Most Frequent German Nouns

Please close the door! Die rur schlieOt schlecht. The door closes poorly. Die Geschafte schlieOen urn The stores close at p. Abends schlieOen sich die Bluten In the evening the blossoms of dieser Blume. Shall I slice the cheese? Die Schere schneidet gut. The scissors cut well. Ich habe mich mir in den Finger I cut my finger. Die Jacke schutzt mich gut vor The jacket is good protection Wind. Vorsicht, die Pflanze sticht! Careful, the plant is thorny and will scratch you! She bumped him in the back. Ich bin mit dem Kopf gegen eine I banged my head on a glass Glastur gesto0en.

Ich habe mich am Knie aesto0en. I banaed mv knee. Ich suche meine Brille. Have sie gesehen? Suche rzu:xa] -, kein PI. Gesicht aetroffen. Ich treffe-Uwe morgen. Wir treffen uns jeden Tag. We meet every day. Es ist besser, wenn wir uns It would be better if we parted trennen. Sie haben sich vor kurzem ge- They separated recently. Er hat sich stark verandert. Sie allein e haben die Verantwor- You have to bear the responsibili- fiivf l a Entscheidung. He lost his credit card. Die Katze hat sich auf dem Dach- The cat hid in the attic. Ich habe keineverwendung dishes?

I have no more use for mehr dafur. Er hat sich gut auf die Prufung He prepared well for the test. Die Leiter steht nicht Be careful! The ladder is not fest. Das Wetter wechselt standig. The weather changes all the time. Konnten Sie mir ,- DM wech- Could you change one hundred seln? Marks for me? Did you weigh the suitcase? Ich bin 1,65 m gro0 und wiege 55 I am 1. Please close the window! Der Uufer gab erschopft auf. The runner gave up, exhausted. Er hob seinen Mantel vom Boden He picked his coat up off the floor. Would you please open the bottle? Wann macht der Supermarkt auf? When does the supermarket ooen?

Wir hatten das Zelt direkt am We put the tent up right on the Strand aufaestellt. Welche Fremdsc:x h e n beherr- Which foreign languages do you schen Sie? Bitte bleib ruhig und beherrsch Please be calm and control your- dich! Man She still needs a lot of rest. You muss beriicksichtigen, dass sie have to consider that she was sehr krank war. He burned his hand. The slightest Jede Beruhruna tut weh. The children formed a circle. Der Wind blast mir ins Gesicht. Wind is blowing in my face. Who turned on the radio? Hand nicht erreichen. Sie konnen mich unter dieser You can reach me at this number.

Nummer erreichen. Hast du erreicht, was du wolltest? Did you get what you wanted? The thief was caught. Hast du den Zug noch erwischt? Did you still make your train? Ich habe noch einen Pullover er- I managed to still get a sweater. Sonst waren fast alle ver- Most of them were already sold. Es gibt an unserer Schule jetzt At our school there are courses to Kurse zur Forderung der schlech- help weak students.

Jemand klopft an die Did you hear that? Someone is mr. Machst du bitte die Tiir The doorbell rang. Would you auf? Dlease oDen the door? Auf einigen Klaus can paint well. In a number Bildern ahmt er van Gogh nach. She sews all her own clothes. The storm knocked down the tent.

Der Dieb hat ihr die Tasche weg- The thief ripped off her purse. Achtung, das Seil reifit! Look out, the rope is tearing! Wegen einer Storung konnte er Because of an interference he kein Fernsehbildempfangen. Er stutzt sich auf einen Stock. He supports himself with a cane. Die Farbe trocknet schnell. The paint dries quickly. Bitte That can't be right. Please check uberprufen Sie die Rechnung the bill again!

Ich uberraschte rneine Tochter, I surprised my daughter smoking als sie heimlich eine Zigarette a cigarette secretly. Er ist ein unvorsichtiger Fahrer, er He is a careless driver; he drives fahrt so wild. Die Tiere verbargen sich bis zum The animals hid in the forest until Abend im Wald. Die Qualitat der Produkte hat sich The quality of the products im- im letzten Jahr verbessert. The canal connects two rivers. Monika spilled coffee. She helped him get a job. Seit ihrer Krankheit hat sie sich Since her illness she has changed vollkommen verwandelt.

She spoils her cat. Sie wagt sich nachts nicht allein She does not dare to walk durch den Park. Niemand, es ist in der Spulma- o Nobody; it shattered by itself in schine von selbst zerbrochen. He covered the sleepincl child. What does this word mean? Begriff [ba'griq rn, - e s, -e concept, term, idea n Mein Arzt verwendet oft medizini- My doctor often uses medical sche Begriffe, die ich nicht ver- terms that I do not understand. Beispiel ['baiJpi:l] n, -s,-e example n Er erklarte das Problem anhand He explained the problem using eines BeisDiels. Bibliothek [biblio'te:k] f -,-en library n Das Buch habe ich in der Biblio- I borrowed the book from the li- thek ausgeliehen.

The word has nine letters. Fach [fax] n, - e s, Facher subject academic n Sie weiO noch nicht, welches She does not yet know which Fach sie studieren mochte. German language and literature enjoys a long tradition. He is a very good teacher. The -Die Schuler mogen ihn. He is readina the newsDaDer. Sie kann schnell rechnen. She can calculate quickly. The book has pages.

I do not know where he lives. Wissenschaft [vis a njaft] f -, branch 09 knowledge, acade- -en mic subject, science n Philosophie ist die alteste Wis- Philosophyis the oldest branch of senschaft. Uber die Ursachen von Krebs gibt There have been many scientific es viele wissenschaftliche Unter- studies on the causes of cancer.

The poem has seven lines. Biologie [biolo'gi:] f -, kein PI. Semester Bio- She is in her third semester in loaie. Blatt [blat] n, - e s, die Blatter piece, sheet of paper n Kannst du mir bitte ein Blatt Pa- Could you please give me a piece pier geben? Block [bbk] m, -s, die Blocke pad of paper , block n Bringe mir bitte einen Block Pa- Please bring me a pad of paper pier aus dem Schreibwarenge- from the stationery store.

Bucherei [by:qa'rai] f -, -en library n Das Buch habe ich in der Stadt- I borrowed the book from the mu- bucherei ausgeliehen. I Chemie [qe:'mi:] f; -, kein PI. Jahrhunderl war das Zeit- The fifteenth century was the age alter der grol3en Entdeckungs- of the great journeys of discovery. Stone Age. Konzentration concentration n [kmtsentraYsjo:n] f -, kein PI. Der Text ist schwierig. Das Lesen The text is difficult. Reading it re- erfordert hohe Konzentration. Ich muss mich Don't disturb me! I have to konzentrieren. Notiz [no'ti:ts] f -, -en note written n Ich habe mir wahrend des Ge- I took notes during the conversa- sorachs einiae Notizen aemacht.

Philosophie [filozo'fi:] f -, kein philosophy n P1. Herr Dr. Kranz ist kein Arzt, er ist Dr. Kranz is not a physician; he is Doktor der Philosophie. Physik [fy'zik] f -, kein PI. Praxis ['praksis] f -, kein PI. Derience in her Drofession. Symbol [zym'bo:l] n, -s, -e symbol n Das x ist das Symbol fur Multipli- "x" is the symbol for multiplica- kation in der Mathematik.

Tabelle [ta'bela] f -,-en table of information ,chart n Die genauen Daten finden Sie in You can find the exact data in the der Tabelle. Fuchs wur- The concepts of Prof. Fuchs were den ausfuhrlich diskutiert. Das Buch beginnt mit einem all- The book begins with a general gemeinen Uberblick uber die Ge- overview of the history of the ni- schichte des I do not know English.

Could you Konnten Sie mir den Brief uber- translate the letter for me? German translation for the book. Er zeigte vie1Verstandnis fur mei- He showed considerable under- ne schwierige Situation. Jens has a verv loud voice. Why are you so quiet today? Wort [v3rt] n, -es, -e Worter word n Dieser Satz hat funf Worter. This sentence has five words. Sie kann komplizierte Dinge mit She is able to explain complicat- einfachen Worten erklaren. Ich habe What did she say? I was not lis- nicht zugehort. Die franzosische Aussprache ist The pronunciation of French is fur Deutsche sehr schwer.

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Bitte How do you spell that? Please buchstabieren Sie! Laut [laut] m, -es, -e sound in words n Es war vollig still. Man horte kei- It was completely quiet. You nen Laut. Witz [vits] m, -es, -e joke n Mein Kolleae erzahlt aerne Witze. Mv colleaaue likes to tell iokes. We have to call a doctor. Sie rief laut nach ihrem Hund. She called her dog loudly. He tells nobody how old he is. Satz [zats] m, -es, Satze sentence n Das Buch ist in einfachen und The book is written in simple and kurzen Satzen aeschrieben. She speaks three foreign lan- guages. Er spricht sehr undeutlich. He enunciates poorly.

Schroder announced his visit nen Besuch anaekundiat. Ich That is a misunderstanding. I habe mich wohl nicht richtig aus- guess I did not express myself gedruckt. Weber has had an accident. Bitte benachrichtigen Sie seine Please inform his wife. Frau Please call later. See1 is in a See1 ist in einer Besprechung. He did not mention her name. She whispered his name softly. In der Bibliothek darf man nur In the library, you are only allowed flustern.

Wirtz said everything that gesagt. Es gibt nichts hinzuzu- was necessary. There is nothing fiigen. Die rnundliche Prufung findet in The oral examination takes place Raum statt. Schrei [Jrai] m, - e s, -e cry, scream n Ich horte Schreie und Hilferufe. I heard screams and calls for help. Er schrie vor Schmerz. He screamed with Dain. Uber diesesThema wird z. Deine Hand- schrift kann ich I cannot read your hand writing. Zettel [tset a l] m, -s, - note, piece of paper n Ich habe dir auf einen Zettel ge- I wrote you a note about what you schrieben, was du einkaufen should buy.

Er hat Schwierigkeiten mit der He has trouble with spelling. Diesen Vertrag rnussen Sie You have to cancel this contract schriftlich kundigen. Sie hat mir von ihrem Urlaub be- She told me about her vacation. Beschreibung [ba'lraibuq] f -, description n -en Die Zeugin konnte eine genaue The witness could give an exact Beschreibung des Taters geben.

Auf der Messe habe ich mich uber At the fair I collected information neue Computer informiert. Er wusste viele Neuig- for two hours. He had a lot of kaiten. Konnen Sie mir zeigen, wie die Can you show me how the ma- Maschine funktioniert? Vie- The exam was very difficult. There le Fragen konnte ich nicht beant- were many questions I could not worten. Uber die neuenVorschlage haben We discussed the new sugges- wir lange beraten.

Tipp [tip] m, -s, -s tip, hint n Er hat mir einen guten Tipp ge- He gave me a good tip. Ich muss mich uber den Sachver- I have to learn about the subject. I find it verv noisv. Ansicht ['anziqt] f -, -en opinion, idea n Ich kann ihn nicht leiden, er hat I don't like him; he has strange komische Ansichten.

Begrundung [ba'gryndug] f -, justification, reason n -en Fur ihre Verspatung gab sie keine She gave no justification for Beqrunduna. Diskussion [disku'sjo:n] t -, -en discussion n Uber die neuen Steuergesetze There were long discussions a- aab es lanae Diskussionen. Ich mochte feststellen, dass ich I would like to state that I was von Anfang an gegen den Plan against the plan from the begin- war. Ich meine, dass unsere Regie- I believe that our government runa endlich zurucktreten sollte.

Ich habe mich uberzeugt, dass I confirmed that Vera is telling the Vera die Wahrheit sagt. Er ist gewissermaOen der heimli- It could be said that he is the che Chef der Partei. The discussion was very objec- tive. You nach Hause. Das ist doch klar. Die Losung des Problems ist un- The solution to the problem is aewohnlich, aber erfolqreich. Bess is qualified for this job.

Oh yes, I am. Sie hat mir eine falsche Adresse She gave me the wrong address. Yes o Bleibst du zu Hause? Nein, leider nicht. The answer is correct. Sinn [zin] rn, - e s, kein PI. Ich muss unbedingt noch Brot fur I definitely need to buy some das Wochenende kaufen. Wahl [va:l] t -,-en choice n Das muss ich tun, ich habe keine I have to do that; I have no other andere Wahl.

Das Essen war gut. The food was great. Ich kann zwischen drei Angebo- I can choose among three offers. In der Geschaftsleitungfand sein His plan got approved by the ma- Plan sofort Zustimmung. Wir haben heute ausnahmsweise As an exception we finish work fruher Feierabend. I schon so spat ist. Ich muss unbe- have to leave. Das ist mir gleichgultig. Ja, wir haben keine Klagen. We have no complaints. Ja klar.